Phantom Aries is Ultinuc's Primary Beyblade. There are 2 vesions, one with a plastic, and one with a metal face. It consists of pieces of The 4D System.

Face: PLAINEdit

PLAIN is the name of a Face with no stickers, it is gold like Phantom Orion B:D's.

Clear Wheel: AriesEdit

This Aries is a metallic purple or a dull gray depending on which version. 

4D Metal Wheel: PhantomEdit

Phantom is a 4D System Metal Wheel that can change modes by flipping over the metal frame to switch between Attack and Stamina mode. It is a top tier Stamina wheel.

4D Bottom: Bearing Drive (B:D)Edit

B:D is  a free-spinning performance tip that acts also as a spin track, it utilizes the 4D System. it is without a doubt the best bottom for stamina and is a top tier. it gives great balance because of it's ball bearings, defense because it's like a slightly wider wide defense only free spinning plus, because ot's free spinning, it has terrific stamina

Special MovesEdit

Combo Move: Final Blow/Final Strike- The user slams into the opponent tossing them in the air then majorly uppercuts them till the opposing bey stops spinning, this sometimes cracks the opposing bey.

CopyCat- Copies the opponent's special move.

Aries Split- It splits into a seperate version with a metal face.

Grand Aries- The user's power doubles and rarely, depending on the blader's spirit, triples.

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