Master Ryuga

I got to calling Ryuga 'master' after seeing the abilities of l-drago in battle as such with Meteo L-Drago's Spin Stealing Capabilitieson the show and in real life. Ryuga has become a mentor because he has never fairly lost a battle case in point:

Gingka/Storm Pegasus- Gingka gets power from bladers all around the world which is technically cheating as he did against Rago and Nemesis

Rago/Diablo Nemesis- Ryuga was already 100X stronger than Rago and still would have won if Rago hadn't cheated by absorbing L-Drago Destroy's Power.

Reasons why I Believe Master Ryuga Didn't DieEdit

  • Why would they kill off one of the most powerful and favorited bladers on the show?
  • Sakyo says that he recieved his bey from a legendary blader like Zero/Zyro and Ryuga is the only person who would be able to access a bey like that.

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