King Antoine

King Antoine.png

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The chosen one, Titan, Aaron (Formerly)


Trinoid, The Black Heraldry Deck, Ultra Sword and the Gauntlet of Power


Robert, Matt, Dylan, Tony, Mert, Nasser, Aydin, Winnie, Shaktee, Sandy


Robert, Matt, Tony and Nasser


Brayden, Adam, The Snake King

Powers and Abilities

Technology Manipulation, Energy Orbs, Magical Abilities (Partly), Titan control, Advanced Intellect


¾ Human, ¼ Technorganism


Hero, Titanic Protector, School Student (Second story only)


Cynthia (‘love’ interest), Courtney (Ex-Girlfriend)

King is a 12 year old boy who accidently came across the greatest power of all time on a simple, but boiling hot afternoon in the form of a device called 'The Gauntlet of Power' (often abbreviated as The Gauntlet or The G.O.P.).


Though usually portrayed as an immature child often making fun of his enemies during battle or whenever an opportunity arrives to embarass people like Nour and Adam, however he will not take the chance if it means anyone else could get hurt if the plan goes wrong. King is also good-hearted and his actions are motivated above all by a strong and sincere will to help and save others in need. He's shown to deeply care for other's lives, and would choose to save people over his personal life even when he dislikes them (such as Nour or Adam). He is also shown to value all life as shown when he tried to save "The Master" while the Snake King got the last piece of machinery he needed to activate his Ultimate Disintergrator ray. When meeting an enemy in trouble (like Ryker or the Snake King), he'll usually attempt to help them rather than take the chance to defeat them. This overly idealistic nature is often criticised by the Six Sages, but most people consider it to be King's most important quality.

When he sees people hurt because of something he's donet or because of his failures, King tends to get mad and acts much more violent and aggressive than he usually does. For example, when his friends were kidnapped by the Snake King, he tracked him down and attacked with his most powerful blows (It should be noted that even though this severely damaged the Snake King, it did not hurt him that much).

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