King Antoine

King Antoine.png


The chosen one, Titan, Aaron (Formerly)


Phantom Aries B:D, Darkus Betadron, Arceus, Lock, the Black Heraldry deck, Ultra Sword and the Gauntlet of Power


Robert, Matt, Dylan, Tony, Mert, Nasser, Aydin, Winnie, Shaktee, Sandy


Robert, Matt, Tony and Nasser


Nour, Adam, The Snake King

Powers and Abilities

Technology Manipulation, Energy Orbs, Magical Abilities (Partly), Titan control, Advanced Intellect


¾ Human, ¼ Technorganism


Hero, Titanic Protector, School Student (Second story only)


Cynthia (‘love’ interest), Courtney (Ex-Girlfriend)

King is an 12 year old boy who discovered great power on a simple, but boiling hot afternoon in the form of a device called 'The Gauntlet of Power' (often abbreviated as The Gauntlet or The G.O.P.).


Though usually portrayed as an immature child often making fun of his enemies during battle or whenever an opportunity arrives to embarass people like Nour and Adam, however he will not take the chance if it means anyone else could get hurt if the plan goes wrong. King is also good-hearted and his actions are motivated above all by a strong and sincere will to help and save others in need. He's shown to deeply care for other's lives, and would choose to save people over his personal life even when he dislikes them (such as Nour or Adam). He is also shown to value all life as shown when he tried to save "The Master" while the Snake King got the last piece of machinery he needed to activate his Ultimate Disintergrator ray. When meeting an enemy in trouble (like Ryker or the Snake King), he'll usually attempt to help them rather than take the chance to defeat them. This overly idealistic nature is often criticised by the Six Sages, but most people consider it to be King's most important quality.

When he sees people hurt because of something he's donet or because of his failures, King tends to get mad and acts much more violent and aggressive than he usually does. For example, when his friends were kidnapped by the Snake King, he tracked him down and attacked with his most powerful blows (It should be noted that even though this severely damaged the Snake King, it did not hurt him that much). 


King tends to wear ordinary clothes and changes them daily, but his favourite oufits are as follows; A green T-shirt with a green/white checkered button shirt over the top with black jeans, A white T-shirt with a black shirt over it and  black pants or a black t-shirt with a white shirt on top and his blue camo pants.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

King has many powers and abilities but here are only listed the ones used on a regular basis.

Technology ManipulationEdit

King has been shown to be able to control and repair almost anything mechanical, such as fixing Robert's phone when it was crushed by the Snake King, he has also been shown to be able to re-program machines and computers as he modified the Gauntlet of Power to play music fitting to whatever situation he was in.

Energy ManipulationEdit

King has been show to use many attacks that are comprised of something he calls Nitro energy. The most common use of this power is his attack that he calls the Aurora Orbs. These are blue orbs that sprout from his hands and appear to be filled with electricity.

Form ControlEdit

King is able to use mental stimulation to activate a special suit of armour in which he uses the name Titan, no-one other than Robert knows Titan's identity. He can also use a sort of 'Camo mode' which allows him to take the form of anyone he chooses, in this form, he takes on all of their charicteristics and powers however this ability doesn't get used too much because of all the energy it drains from King.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

King has on occasion used magical stones and spells to use with his Ultra Sword to slightly change it's abilities, however he only uses these abilities when fighting the Snake King and it also requires King's energy levels to be above 75%.

Machine BuildingEdit

King is able to build machines out of his body, such as a sword from his left and right arms that he uses when training and a bike from his legs and many more, it is currently unknown how he does this.


King has only two main weaknesses that he cannot get around, 1, a special element called Impairium Lutra which can Completely shut down most of his powers and abilities. And 2, When the G.O.P. runs out of power, though that does not happen often, he has to rely on other abilities such as his machine building until he can go somewhere to recharge it with Nitro energy orbs.


You wanna fight? LET'S FIGHT!

You mess with the lion, YOU GET THE FANGS!


I'm King Antoine, and you won't cause any more trouble if you know what's good for you. (To minor enemies)

Your choice, my way or the highway.

Alright, playtime's over!

I have the perfect song for this!

Ok, now this is no joke.


I wonder if there are alternate me's..


The Gauntlet of PowerEdit

This is the device that gives King some of his abilities like super intellegence, strength mode, speed mode and more. There is a small touchpad with keys that King can press to activate such abilities. There is also a small screen that can be used to communicat with Mobile phones, advanced computers, and the OMNI com. link.

Ultra SwordEdit

This is King's personalised sword that can only be picked up by him (though he can grant others temporary access to it). It will never break or get damaged. It has a thick, metallic blue blade with a hole down the middle, it has a gold/black spiral pattern and a small hole between the blade and the handle used to put crystals in when extra power is needed. The most commonly seen crystal which is always in this place in the absence of other crystals, is the lightning crystal which shoots a bolt of lightning at whoever King is fighting.

Elemental StaffEdit

This was a temporary power-up granted to King by the Six Sages of the Alpha World. It allows him to controll the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. It can also be used as a glider.


These are the previously mentioned machines that King can build out of his body, among the most common are The Slamin Sword, The Mega Shield, The Hoverbike, The Smash Hands, Snake Smashers and The Gunchucks

Slamin SwordEdit

This is a large, blue sword that is created via King's arms, it is mostly used when he is training but is also used in the field often as a buzz saw that can slice through almost anything.

Mega ShieldEdit

It is a large blue shield that can not be broken, however large impacts can often send King flying backwards. It is also made from King's arm.


The hoverbike is a floating blue bike that that is created from both of King's legs, it is capable of moving faster than 400 KMh however it is usually kept to a low speed bellow 100 Km because King is so young.

Smash HandsEdit

The smash hands are to significantly large hands that give king super strength, he usually uses them while the gauntlet is not working and he needs strength.

Snake SmashersEdit

The snake smashers are a pair of large boots that stem from King's feet. They are named because the first time King used them he was stepping on the Snake King. They can be used to give King super speed or he can make one out of one of his legs to jump a really far distance.


The Gunchucks are a pair of giant nunchucks that are made from King's Arms, as their name suggests, they can also fire lasers at enemies.


OMNI is the name of the computer inside King's Gauntlet. It stands for Oganic Mechanical Nitro Intelligence. It provides King with everything he needs and is constantly updating itself daily to fit it's new owner's personality and the latest styles of clothing to make customised selections for it's owner, it has many other functions, but too many to list here.


  • King is considered the most powerful person alive
  • There are many other versions of this character, but the most commonly referrenced on is this one; King Antoine
  • The name of his deck "Black Heraldry" comes from his favorite card "Black Rose Dragon" and his favorite archetype; Heraldic/Heraldry cards
  • His bey can split into two to attack to opponents at once or double team his opponent.

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